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Meet The New Flock of Koigu Yarn

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The Breed

At the origins of Koigu, much of the focus was on sourcing the best colours, best wool and researching everything and anything sheep. An important lesson any maker should learn, is that no wool or fibre performs the same. Every sheep breed has a purpose, and with that not every wool can be used in the same way. Koigu Origins, focuses on the breed, and the purpose that the wool provides to the project.

The Philosophy

The Landra women, have spent lots of time educating their love for sheep, and working with wool. Koigu Origins is here to educate you on our favourite animal, with our many years of research. As well we bring submissions from experts in the industry and their shared love of making!

The Story

In 1972, Maie Landra bought a farm in South Western, Ontario…. and while the rest is Koigu! Except thats no where near the whole story. The Landra women’s love for textile art is deeply engrained in their Estonian Heritage, as well as being a part of their daily lives. Koigu Origins, will bring you more of the story, from some old pattern to Estonian recipes, we can’t wait to share with you a little bit of our home.


The Yarn



We’ve had a lot to celebrate at Koigu over the last year, and with that we bring you cheers, a single ply, 32 micron, DK weight yarn! Dyed in our favourite colours.


Mohair while not from the sheep, is still a yarn base close to our hearts. Look for beautiful patterns which mix Aura with other Koigu bases.


One of the oldest cross breed sheep in the world, meet your new favourite merino.

Corriedale + Gotland

Sometimes, to get the perfect colour you gotta do a little mixing. The Corriedale + Gotland mix brings together the lustre and colours of two beautiful breeds together.